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Our mission is to raise awareness for this unique form of art within the historical context of the ancient Eastern Roman Empire's capital, Constantinople, and place it in a contemporary light. Operating in Istanbul, we offer various workshops and courses dedicated to teaching the art of mosaic.

We provide students with an array of training programs aimed at imparting the intricacies and details of mosaic art. We teach students how to create beautiful and original mosaic works using materials such as stone, ceramics, glass, and more. While emphasizing the historical significance and artistic richness of this art, we also aspire to pass it on to future generations.

By merging advanced techniques, creative approaches, and artistic expression, we encourage our students to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of mosaic art. We are delighted to welcome anyone interested in exploring and learning about the depths of mosaic art.

Explore mosaic art in your own way

Our aim is to educate and inspire everyone about the medium of mosaics. We also aim to nurture excellent mosaic makers, who can either open their own studio or teach mosaics later.


In the studio we focus on general mosaic principles, learning andamento (flow of the tiles), cutting & shaping “tesserae”, compositional design, and many different types of mosaic art  while using many different types of beautiful materials. 

All mosaic workshops are for anyone at any level. 

All trainings are provided in English. 

You are welcome to visit the studio prior to signing up!

In the studio, variety of mosaic techniques are explored in full depth. 

Our students learn different  mosaic making techniques and how to uses Hammer and Hardie. At the completion of the training, They know how to work with marble and smalti materials which are used in many cathedrals. 

A little bit about Istanbul...

Istanbul, one called Constantinople, plays host to a number of churches that date back to the Byzantine Empire. Though all the churches have their own beautiful features, there are two in particular that blow the others out of the water: mainly for their breathtaking mosaics. Hagia Sophia is the most well known, and for good reason – its mosaics are spectacular. However, the more esoteric Chora Church also boasts a multitude of stunning pieces that invoke the Byzantine Era to a tee.

Where to find the Byzantine mosaics in Istanbul?

Istanbul is the worldwide capital of mosaic, top picks are:

- Museum of Great Palace Mosaics 

- Hagia Sophia 

- Chora Church 

Gözde Tolan 


Gözde Tolan is an Istanbul-born artist who discovered her passion for mosaic art in 2012. Inspired by the positive impact it had on her own personal growth, she decided to pursue further education at the prestigious Mosaic Art School in Ravenna, Italy in 2015. This experience solidified her dedication to mosaic art, leading her to establish her own mosaic studio, Mozaik Terapi, in 2017.For Gözde, the process of creating mosaics is a unique journey, allowing her to immerse herself in different seasons and stages, each with its own distinct flavors. In 2020, she expanded her artistic horizons by exploring mixed media artworks, incorporating various art forms and materials inspired by antique and natural elements.

Gözde Tolan
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