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Mozaik terapi atölyesinin sahibi ve mozaik eğitmeni

Gözde Tolan

Gözde Tolan is an Istanbul-born artist who discovered her passion for mosaic art in 2012. Inspired by the positive impact it had on her own personal growth, she decided to pursue further education at the prestigious Mosaic Art School in Ravenna, Italy in 2015. This experience solidified her dedication to mosaic art, leading her to establish her own mosaic studio, Mozaik Terapi, in 2017.
For Gözde, the process of creating mosaics is a unique journey, allowing her to immerse herself in different seasons and stages, each with its own distinct flavors. In 2020, she expanded her artistic horizons by exploring mixed media artworks, incorporating various art forms and materials inspired by antique and natural elements.

Driven by a desire to share her knowledge and passion for mosaic art, Gözde founded the Istanbul School of Mosaic in 2019. Through various workshops and classes tailored to visitors from different countries, she aims to increase awareness and appreciation for this remarkable art form in Istanbul, the ancient capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Gözde's work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally, including notable events such as the International Apollania Mosaic Workshop, Miami Art Fair, and International Adana Mosaic Symposium. 
With her artistic talent, dedication, and commitment to promoting mosaic art, Gözde Tolan is making a significant impact in the art world and inspiring others to explore their own creative potential through this ancient and captivating form of expression.

As Gözde delved deeper into the world of mosaics, she discovered her passion for pushing the boundaries of this art form. She started incorporating unconventional materials into her mosaics, such as antique objects, natural elements like stones. This experimentation allowed her to create unique textures and visual effects, adding depth and dimension to her artwork.
Gözde's artistic process is a harmonious blend of meticulous planning and intuitive improvisation. She begins by conceptualizing her ideas and sketching out designs, carefully considering the composition, color palette, and overall visual impact. However, she also leaves room for spontaneity and embraces the unexpected, allowing her artwork to evolve organically during the creation process.

In addition to her passion for mosaic art, Gözde also found herself drawn to the world of mixed media. She was captivated by the freedom and endless possibilities that this art form offered. Mixing different materials, techniques, and mediums allowed her to explore new avenues of creative expression and blur the boundaries between traditional and contemporary art.
Gözde's mixed media artworks often feature a combination of painting, sculpture, and mosaic elements. This fusion of different artistic techniques gives her artwork a unique and eclectic character, showcasing her versatility as an artist.


- September 2019: International Apollania Mosaic Workshop, Bursa Gölyazı St. Panteleimon Church

- June 2021: "Freedom," Karl & Ein Art Gallery, Istanbul

- July 2021: "Anatolian Civilizations," Bağla Sun and Culture Art Center, Bodrum

- August 2021: "Myndos 2," Match Art Gallery, Bodrum

- November 2021: Miami Art Fair, USA

- February 2022: "Water," Ankara

- August 2022: Contemporary Art Fair, Bodrum

- January 2023: "Beginning," Hercules Art Gallery, Bursa

- October 2023: International Adana Mosaic Symposium, AdanaProfessional



- Mozaik Terapi Studio, Founder and Artist (2017-present)

- Istanbul School of Mosaic, Founder and Instructor (2019-present)Bio:

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