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Classic Mosaics

DURATION: 4 days/4 hours daily or 3 days/6 hours daily

LEVEL: Suitable for all skill levels

All materials are included.

Discover the art of classic mosaic: a hands-on course in design, techniques, and materials

In this course, students learn to cut and shape mosaic tiles, andamento techniques, and experience different techniques and practices for each material, as well as grouting. Students are always encouraged to design an original composition with the help of instructor. Students will have a choice of wide variety of mosaic materials to work with.

This is a very intensive course on classic mosaics where the student will have an original artwork with them at the end of the training.

The cost for the course is $ 400, which includes all your supplies, tools and instructions create a min 20x 20 cm (8"x8") mosaic. All materials are included and this class is for anyone at every level.

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