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Ancient Mosaic Making 

Discover the Timeless Art of Mosaic Making 

Experience the captivating world of mosaic art at the Daily Antique Mosaic Workshop. Led by passionate artisans, this immersive experience offers hands-on learning of traditional techniques to create stunning mosaics. 

From ancient marble cutting to assembling, you'll master the craft that has endured for 2500 years. 

Choose an antique motif from our library and create your own 20x20cm wooden box masterpiece using natural stones and cement, guided by a master mosaicist. 

Immerse yourself in Istanbul's culture, explore its landmarks, and embrace the vibrant atmosphere that fuels creativity. 

Join us at ISOM in the heart of Istanbul for an unforgettable, supportive experience. 

All levels are welcome, and training is provided in English. 

The workshop lasts 4 hours and costs $100, covering all supplies and tools.

 Leave with a unique handcrafted souvenir of Istanbul made by you

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